When to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

When to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

One day my fashion e-commerce website got 19,300 visits in an hour. It did sound amazing to me, and with that, I had a leap of faith to get more variety of products in the inventory.

But slowly the performance of the website started slipping downwards that too with just a single day boom. As I was on a Shared Hosting Plan, the allotted resources were not sufficient to handle the users for similar opportunities. My customers were facing downtime while ordering products.

Now, this didn’t sound amazing to me. So then I thought I should upgrade to a Starter VPS Plan!

But wait, my mind started flooding with great mysteries; should I upgrade it now or wait and watch whether the boom was just a once in a blue moon? But what if this is the opportunity to be a millionaire? I shouldn’t lose this chance. It made me feel confused and frustrated, but I did figure out something which made my decisions brighter than ever.

I am going to share the same with you so that you get more aware of some noticeable situations and act as fast as possible.

Not enough resources

Resources like pages and files which are in use should always be under your lookout. The more number of pages, the more number of resources it is going to consume. Depending on the size, it may slightly affect the server response time, too. You can also use LoadImpact; a tool to test whether your website can handle concurrent visitors efficiently or not. If not, then my friend it is the time to upgrade the suit.

Low on performance

Almost every folk out their expects to experience lightning-fast results from the website with approx 2 seconds response time. But if your website’s speed and performance are lazy, then it may affect your SEO too! If your website doesn’t load within the average amount of loading time, which is 2 seconds, then it is a time to optimize it at its best or upgrade to the SiteCanyon’s Starter VPS Plan.

High on traffic (My Case)

That one-hour boom took me to an adventure to the peculiar galaxies, but at the same time was not healthy for my business. I figured out a temporary solution; caching the most searched products which made the server save a big chunk of resources but at the same time it was limited too. I would highly recommend you to get on the board for the wave by upgrading your hosting plan only if you are having a rise in the traffic. It is always better to let your users experience the best of your services.

SiteCanyon offers a variety of VPS Hosting Plans which suit well even if you are a startup or an enterprise-level business. I upgraded to SiteCanyon’s Starter VPS Plan, which retained my customers without letting them experiencing any downtime. The best part is, even after comparing various plans from other hosting providers, I found that SiteCanyon is offering hosting services at the most affordable rates.

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