LiteSpeed vs Apache: The Web Server Battle

LiteSpeed vs Apache: The Web Server Battle

Apache Web Server was introduced in 1995 which is used to serve websites. It is said to be the most flexible and stabilized server. This was only possible with the regular development and with the secured layers of the servers running today. Apache can handle multiple functions and activities without slowing down the execution. And you know what? It is free, but it does have a limit.

Why should you prefer LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server is a lightweight server that was introduced in the year 2002 by LiteSpeed Industries Inc. LiteSpeed is having smaller memory but you know what, it can easily handle concurrent connections within a short period. It can read Apache configurations files and can grip data of two Apache servers single-handedly. LWS 5.0 comes with a LiteMage cache, which can cache a full website and enhance the speed of your website.

When compared to Apache, it has quite a few advantages:

  • Event driven architecture
  • Advanced cache engine
  • HTTP/2, QUIC support
  • Built-in security features


It means nothing if your web server of choice doesn’t perform well. LiteSpeed’s benchmarks, in comparison to nginx and Apache, represent themselves. once you switch to LiteSpeed Web Server, you’ll be confident that your sites will experience measurable improvements in speed.

The Result

We tested HTTP/2 implementations from LiteSpeed Web Server, and Apache, to ascertain how they might compare when loading WordPress. LiteSpeed blew Apache out of the water by a whopping 84X!

WordPress Performance Server

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