How Spam And Bots Can Kill Your Site

How Spam And Bots Can Kill Your Site

Bots spam has become one of the most trending topics over the internet. Bots have a basic form as they are trained by computer programs to behave like humans; they have various extra functions too.

As the days pass by, bots are increasing more like humans every year and it has made it more difficult to crawl your website. Bots are classified into good and bad sections; therefore identifying bad bots is effective.

As it’s annoying users to visit your website as well as putting difficulties increasing your website traffic. It’s high time you should know how spam and bots can kill your site.

How To Deal With Bots Spam

Sometimes it’s quite hard to detect because bots can be seen in the dynamic areas of any website. In this part, we will talk about the bots category and will shortly provide you tips on it. Generally, Bots are categorized into three parts. Such as:

  • Login Page Bots
  • Spam Comments Bots
  • XMLRPC Bots

Deal With Login Page Bots

Of course, everyone knows the default login page of every WordPress installation. Because it is the website name associated with “wp-login.php”. Undoubtedly it’s an easy task for any bots to appear and check by combining the username or password. To get the authorization, all the attempts are transferred to the processor and database; then it collects previous resources on a shared server.

This problem can be solved in two different ways. Firstly you need to hide the default login page. In this case, you can use iThemes Security Plugin to take away an attack vector and it will change the SSH port on your server.

Secondly, you can set CAPTCHA on your website login page. At this time, Google’s reCAPTCHA is the best of all.

Control Spam Comments Bots

Spam comments bots are just a similar issue to login page bots. They make the server function to mark it as spam, which causes resource usage on your site, and later it stores the comment on the data server to delete. As a result, it ruins your site and the visitors of your website go through an unpleasant situation.

The only solution to the problem is to use Google’s reCAPTCHA. It helps the users to disappear them and it’s quite simple to implement.

Disable XMLRPC Bots

In simple terms, XML-RPC is a feature on WordPress that enables you to send data from another device to your WordPress site. It works as a backdoor into your website. With the help of XML-RPC, bots make hundreds of login attempts by using an easy-to-access API.

To prevent XML-RPC bots, simply disable XML-RPC In WordPress enabling the JetPack function. By using via .htaccess/ plugin code/ firewall rules.

Just for your kind information if you use Cloudflare, then enable the Bot Fight Mode from the Firewall settings menu. It’s a free service for Cloudflare users.

Thanks for your patience. Hope you enjoyed the topic regarding how spam and bots can kill your site. See you guys on the next topic.

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