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June 16, 2020 3 min Read Gorang A.

Create an Online Business Website with Weebly

1. Sign Up

Weebly has a freemium model where you can build your website without any hassle for free or with their premium plans for some astonishing benefits.

Firstly sign up free weebly website builder. Then you’ll notice there are two options, choose from ‘I just need a website’ or ‘I need a website with an online store’ which furnishes finest along with your wants. But if in the middle of the ocean you think that you need an online store then you would be able to add one with a click.

2. Pick a Theme

To start around, you need to select a theme from Weebly’s 50 free themes! You can choose from different categories that will fit best within your needs.


And after working for a long time with it, if you thought of pivoting with a different theme, then it would be done without any additional editing. Similarly to WordPress, you would be able to preview it and experience its feathers before finalizing it for your work.

3. Choose a Domain

Weebly will prompt you to choose with a free branded domain like or a professional domain without their branding.

Before you choose a domain, make sure that it is short and has some popular keywords. If you don’t want to pick a Weebly sub-domain or you have already purchased a domain from another provider, then you would be able to assign yours by clicking on ‘connect or transfer it now’ at the bottom of the prompt.

If you choose to buy a professional domain, then it would cost you ₹899 per year.

4. Design

Having good looks can attract your crush; likewise, good website design will make it memorable for your visitors. Start designing your website’s landing page by editing background, adding text, and images.

By default, themes have their recognition with their colors. But you can own your appreciation too by changing the color scheme.


Add Pages

Similar to page builder editor plugins on WordPress, you can design different pages by just dragging and dropping elements like text, images, contact form, map, and much more. Yes, it’s that easy!


After crafting the Home page, hop in towards adding About us and Contact us pages by clicking that tiny + button in the top right corner of the pages menu.


Similar to adding elements, you can add different layouts and sections to pages and simplify the look of your content. Some items will be locked if you are on a free plan. To unlock them you will need to subscribe for a starter plan.

5. Add Store

You can also add a store where you can display your products and accept payments without any annoyance. To add one, navigate to Store and follow the instructions on the page.

  • • Design a page to display your products.
  • • Add your store information like address and contact info.
  • • Add items and assign some categories for easy access.
  • • Set up payment options for accepting payments customers after they checkout.
  • • Set up your shipping rates.
  • • Eventually, arrange tax charges to gather tax for each order.

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