Advantages of Adding a SSL Certificate to your Website

Advantages of Adding a SSL Certificate to your Website

SSL may be a simple yet secure channel to transmit the data securely. It’s valuable to both customers and businesses considering the extent of security it brings to their cloud-based transactions.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

There could be someone who will make an exact copy of your website and use it to steal user’s private details like login credentials or credit card numbers. Of course, phishing websites have different URLs. To deal with these types of attacks you will need an SSL Certificate which will make users reassure that the site is verified and they can trust to provide their information.

Build Trust

Ever seen ‘Not Secure’ tag on a website? It can make visitors think twice while accessing your website. Tech-savvy users are well known with the fact of HTTP and HTTPS which means ‘Security’ and are a key to build trust between your site and visitors. How will it help? Technically it sends strong signals while handling users’ information from the database and ensures their privacy. It can indicate that your website is trustworthy i.e. every information submitted is encrypted.

Boost SEO Rankings

Search Engines are considered to be the door towards trustworthy websites. Almost every guy sitting there uses search engines to get the exact website which they want to visit. Popular search engines like Google determines page rankings considering HTTPS into count. Not having an SSL certificate can negatively impact rankings on search engines and can drive the bounce rate quite a bit. To get your website on Google page rankings, you need an SSL certificate.

Maintain PCI Compliance

It may happen that your website will accept payments with the help of payment gateways. Some websites don’t follow the best practices when it comes to processing payments. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) maintains a set of standards you’ll need to fulfill if you want to comply with its guidelines. Using SSL is one of the requirements for PCI Compliance. When you enforce HTTPS, you ensure that the data which is going back is all encrypted. This means that attackers cannot be the middle man to get users’ private details. If you are processing payments through the website, then setting up an SSL is the first step you should take care of.

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