5 Ways to Maintain WordPress Site’s Performance

5 Ways to Maintain WordPress Site's Performance

You have brought your WordPress site online, but is it optimized enough to serve better in this rapidly growing competition? Optimizing is very necessary to keep that smile on your visitor’s face. We have five ways that can help you boost the performance of your WordPress site.

1. Caching Solution

Caching WordPress site has been proved to be one of the best solutions for the complete satisfaction of visitors. It helps to store the versions of the website and decrease the loading time by accessing those static versions when needed. No technical setup is needed as it can be implemented using plugins. There are many plugins available in the market, SiteCanyon will suggest you install W3 Super Cache as it will make static versions of your website and can be automated for time to time execution.

2. Optimize Images

Heavy images can lead to consuming high bandwidth and can even end up crashing your website. Keeping images optimized means to keep them small in size without disturbing the quality. This can be done with the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin which is available in the WordPress plugin market. It will not only compress the images but also make sure to keep up with the quality. With just one click, all the images from your site will be optimized and the permalinks will be updated.

3. Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

WordPress always work on to seek for vulnerabilities and keep them out so that it could not affect websites. There are various vulnerabilities and conflicts caught on different versions of WordPress which could lead to being a big threat to your website. But there is nothing to be worried about if you update WordPress periodically. Website administrators will always be notified of the new updates on the dashboard itself.

4. Implement CDN

Content Delivery Network is a large scale caching of your website. Similar to the network of computers, CDN is a network of servers where your website would be cached. Whenever a visitor wants to visit your website, the closest server to the user will transfer the data and let them access your website. Cloudflare does provide CDN service with 180 data centers globally. By implementing CDN, your website would load faster and reach globally.

5. Upgrading Hosting as Needed

The above ways would make a good difference, but if your site is growing at a large scale then it would not help you completely. More visitors mean more bandwidth which would lead to performance issues and it would be the right time to upgrade. To overcome it, you should choose your hosting plan wisely. SiteCanyon provides a fully managed VPS Hosting plan at a reasonable price, where you will get a private server rather than a shared server. All your website’s resources will be stored on a separate server and will smoothly deliver your website without any interruption.

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